terms of use


Types of access

1. Internal - no limit and free

2. External (different levels)
(i) - no limit and free
(ii) - regulated by a collaboration joint agreement
(iii) - covered financially by uni- or bilateral tender supports


General terms of usage

1. Exertion of the system of equipments
(i) completed application form required (it is available online)
(ii) in collaborative works the work plan as indicated in the schedule
(iii) in the case of individual orders the basis is the personal consultation.

2. The instrumentation is typically operated by the members of Chemotaxis Research Group GCI-SU.
Exceptions are: (i) persons working in the frame of long-term collaborative research; (ii) visiting researchers when the working period iexceeds 3 months; (iii) the occasions of certain types of demo representations given by the representatives of the manufacturers of the equipments.
The instrumentation for use in undergraduate teaching and training in the context of postgradual courses may be part of the operation, however, without any limit of the smooth progress of experimental work.

3. Mandate mentioned under Point 1 indicates the way how the results arising from the use of equipments are used (see publications, shared the results of third-party assignments, etc.), and its access to legal and technical framework .

4. The plan as set out in schedule of experiments drawn up. Gradual replenishment with data takes place which is visible by an on-line access of the collaborating partner / client.

5. The measurements made material consideration, the pricing / invoicing through the Office of the operator's marketing. Payments can be taken only against invoices.