Electric cell-substrate impedance sensor (ECIS-ZQ)


Biological parameters screened: cell adhesion


                                                                            cell invasion

                                                                            wound healing




                                                Technical parameters:

- Continuous multiple frequencies over time

   (11 preset frequencies)

- Continuous single frequency over time

   (frequency variable from 50 to 100k Hz)

- Rapid time collection

- Single frequency - up to 5 points per second

- Multiple frequency � 10 seconds per well

- User specified time interval between data points

- User specified time limit on data collection

- Automatic file name generation

- All experiment parameters & operations  automatically recorded in data files

Z, R, C, v. time

Z, R, C, v. frequency

Multiple wells over time

Single well 3D surface, time v. freq. v. Z, R, C


Maximum number of parallels - 16