Chemotaxis - Biological and Clinical Approaches

    (Kőhidai L. Med. Habil., M.D., Ph.D.)







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Essay Topics


Topic List


       Schedule (Lectures in Hungarian-Hu and in English-Eng)

 1. Chemotaxis – Significance in biology. -Hu.               - Eng.

 2. Evolution of signal molecules and their receptors. -Hu.         - Eng.

 3. Chemotaxis in invertebrate and vertebrate organisms.  - Hu.        - Eng.

     (Extramural link suggested to view: A Day in the Life of a Social Amoeba)

 4. Bacterial chemotaxis - The well known signalling pathway.  - Hu.       - Eng.

     (Extramural link suggested to view:    

                                                    Bacterial chemotaxis - YouTube

                                                    Bacterial chemotaxis

                                                    Bacterial chemotaxis -KEGG Pathway Maps )

 5. Cytoskeleton.   - Cell adhesion. - Hu.        - Hu.                      - Eng.        - Eng.

     (Extramural link suggested to view:   Video tour of cell motility

                                                                Motor proteins)

 6. Inflammation - The classic example  - Hu1.         - Hu2.        - Eng1.         - Eng2.

     (Extramural  link suggested to view: Extravasation step-by-step

                                                                Chemotaxis of neutrophils )

      7.  Chemokines - Hu.        - Eng.

           (Extramural  link suggested to view: Life cycle of HIV; Life cycle of HIV+Drug

            More HIV: Life cycle; Fusion-Entry; Inhib.-Attachment; Inhib.-Co-receptor;


 8. Phagocytosis - Target reaction of chemotaxis.           - Hu.               - Eng.

 9. Proteomical characterization of chemotactic ligands

 10. Immunological aspects of chemotaxis and the clinical significance.

 11. Optimal chemotactic ligand – Exists or not ?

 12. Significance of chemotaxis in the development of symptoms and syndromes.   Significance in clinical interventions. - Hu         - Eng.

 13. Special approaches of tumour biology and chemotaxis         - Hu.                - Eng.

 14. Life without chemotaxis – Impossibile!         - Hu.            - Eng.

 15. Review of laboratory techniques applied for measurement of chemotaxis. – Practical demonstrations.     - Hu.        - Eng.



Course books (in Hungarian):

Kőhidai, L. A kemotaxis biológiai és klinikai jelentősége
- Válogatott fejezetek –

Kőhidai, L. A kemotaxis mérése egysejtűekben és magasabb rendű szervezetekben
- Módszertani útmutató -

Course books (in English):

Kőhidai, L. Migration of immune competent cells, homing and extravasation in inflammation. In: Seminars in Immunology. Ed. Fülöp, K.; Semmelweis University, Budapest; pp. 133-150 (2012) ISBN 978-963-9129-82-5


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